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We’re always on the lookout for independent artists to join our music licensing revolution. If you’ve made it to this page, chances are you’ve applied to countless other sites to try and get your music into the ears of people who want to license it. We’ve been there too, because like you, we’re artists first and foremost. So check out the IMLC’s independent artist registration process and see what the collective can do for you.

A Growing List of Experienced Independent Artists

We may be a young collective, but we’ve already got a huge amount of experience in music creation and licensing on the team. All our artists have impressive catalogues of differing moods, genres and styles, and a solid background in creating music for film, TV, advertising, podcasts, promotional campaigns, and much more. Here at the IMLC, we’re all in it together. If you think you’d be a good fit for the collective, keep reading and get in touch to register with the IMLC as an independent artist.

What Will I Need to Register With the IMLC as an Independent Artist?

DIVERSE catalogue

Once you join the IMLC, we will be asking for your music to sell to our clients - as much of it as you feel comfortable sharing. The first step to a successful music licensing career is a healthy and diverse catalogue of royalty-free music. Keep feeding it and it will keep growing!


The IMLC is a royalty free site. We therefore do not accept tracks that are registered with a PRO, collection agencies, such as PRS. Keeping your music royalty free enables you to take advantage of the ever increasing royalty-free music market by selling non exclusive licenses with companies like the IMLC.

copyright ownership

As long as you've created your music independently and own the copyright, then they are no limits to what you can achieve by making it available via the IMLC.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We’re a collective of independent artists that release royalty-free music and have years of experience getting our tracks licensed for commercial use. Our aim is to connect licensees directly with artists, cutting out the middlemen.

Music registered with the IMLC must be royalty-free and released on a CC license. This is because our clients want a perpetual license for their projects and do not want to incur royalty payments. Therefore we offer perpetual use licenses, and tracks registered with collection agencies can not be accepted.

We would love to have more independent artists join our talented roster! If you make royalty-free music and have a fairly extensive back catalogue then please register with the IMLC as an independent artist and our team will get back to you.

Yes, and it always will be. We’re an upfront, honest, artist-run company that would never charge fellow artists hidden fees.

If chosen by our team, you’ll need a functional personal music website that will be linked on our IMLC artist page, opening the possibility of direct connections with commercial licensees. Artists also provide 10 track royalty-free license packs that can only be exclusively licensed as a pack through the IMLC. We also have our own central music Library housed on the IMLC website that licensees can subscribe to. IMLC artists are able to provide as many tracks as they want (non-exclusively) to our central library with payment issued on a pro-rata system.

We’re here for you at every stage of your music licensing journey. We can help you build websites, business models, provide legal information and more to aid your career in music as an independent artist. Check out our Artist Services page to see exactly what we offer.

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It’s time to give us some info about your licensing business so we can assess your application to register with the IMLC as an independent artist.

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