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We’re always on the lookout for independent artists to join our music licensing revolution. If you’ve made it to this page, chances are you’ve applied to countless other sites to try and get your music into the ears of people who want to license it. We’ve been there too, because like you, we’re artists first and foremost. So check out the IMLC’s independent artist registration process and see what the collective can do for you.

What Does the IMLC Do For Our Artists?

The IMLC was built to redefine the role of independent artists, musicians and producers in an industry badly in need of a radical reshaping. By working together, we can all be part of that process.

Music Licensing

We are first and foremost a royalty free licensing site, and we work hard to make sure quality music finds placement in quality projects

Copyright Protection

The IMLC runs regular checks across the web and broadcast platforms to ensure that our artists' rights are not being infringed upon


We are active on social media, as well as appearing on podcasts, publishing guest blogs and continually promoting the idea of fair and transparent licensing

Music Sharing

Musicians need to be heard, whether it's through streaming, radio, media or elsewhere. The IMLC is committed to building fair sharing platforms


With so many musicians all over the world, a sense of community wherever it can be found is essential to making positive change for indepedent musicians


Above all else, the IMLC wants to support artists in making a sustainable career from music creation and licensing

The Home of Independent Music Licensing

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