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How to contact the IMLC

 As a community that encourages communication, transparency, and collaboration, we welcome any query, big or small. Please check the FAQs below to see if your question is answered. If not, get in touch. 

You will receive a response directly from one of our artists, and can usually expect this within 24 hours. For more urgent queries, please use the chat function in the bottom right of the page and you will receive a quicker reply.


What defines Commercial Use?

We define Commercial Use as any derivative work that is in any way attached or promotional to any organisation, entity or service.

Is this music Royalty Free?

Yes all music on the IMLC site is royalty free!

What does buying a license from the IMLC allow me to do?

Purchasing a one off £40 license allows use of the chosen track in all commercial and derivative projects in perpetuity (forever) royalty free.

A Membership license allows use of as many tracks from the IMLC Library in as many projects as needed for the subscription year.

Does the subscription need to be maintained to keep my projects legal?

Absolutely not! All projects made within the year are cleared for worldwide use in perpetuity.

What format do the tracks come in?

All tracks on this site are provided in high res mp3 format.

Can I sell a project on?

Yes, once a track is licensed from us and included in your project you are free to sell your project on. However a license to use a track cannot be passed or sold from one licensee to another.

Do you provide extra assistance in the form of stems, edits or commissioned tracks?

Yes we are sometimes able to provide extra assistance. Please contact the required artist directly. All of our artists' websites and services are linked on our artists' page.

I've become a member! What happens now?

Once a subscription license has been purchased, the licensee will be given a code through their IMLC Account page allowing access to download and use all the tracks on our site. 

Who do I attribute in my projects?

Please attribute the artist and the website in all projects.

I've had a copyright issue with a track from the IMLC, what should I do?

We take copyright issues very seriously. Conflicts can arise from our music being stolen and copyrighted by others. In the rare case of an issue arising from use of one of our tracks, please visit our Copyright Claims page for detailed instructions on how to proceed. Most claims can be resolved successfully.

We're an educational/charitable/non-profit organisation and have no budget for a one off track use fee. What are our options?

As an organisation run by the artists themselves, we will always be open to communication, negotiation and charitable work. Get in touch to see what our artists can offer your project.

Question not answered? Please choose from one of the below options to contact the IMLC or email us at

Are you an independent artist?

Check out our Artist page for FAQs and details on what you need to become an IMLC artist.