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Music Licensing Prices

More than just a music licensing site, the artists on the IMLC work together to develop and provide the best web and commercial music licensing prices for a variety of project needs, where providing high quality royalty free music is paramount.


Full Yearly Access to the IMLC's Royalty Free Library

IMLC Library Access

Basic Membership (1 Year)
£ 6 Per Month
  • Royalty Free
  • For Use in Perpetuity
  • Social Media and Derivative use

IMLC Library Access

Advanced Membership (1 Year)
£ 13 Per Month
  • Royalty Free
  • For Use in Perpetuity
  • Commercial and Derivative Use

IMLC Library Access

Gold Membership (1 Year)
£ 50 Per Month
  • Royalty Free
  • For Use in Perpetuity
  • Commercial Broadcast Use

All membership levels are charged annually and last for a period of 12 months.

The IMLC does not run a subscription service, and will not charge your card at the end of the membership period.

Single Track

Commercial Music Licensing Prices For One Track

Perpetual License

£ 40 One Off Fee
  • Royalty Free
  • For Use in Perpetuity
  • Commercial and Derivative Use

Perpetual License

£ 150 One Off Fee
  • Royalty Free
  • For Use in Perpetuity
  • Commercial Broadcast Use

IMLC Prices - FAQs

All the answers about how to buy and use royalty free music from the Independent Music Licensing Collective

What defines Commercial Use?

We define Commercial Use as any derivative work that is attached or promotional to any organisation, entity or service. This includes, but is not limited to, Non-Profit Fundraising (see below FAQ about Non-Profit discounts), Podcasts hosted on commercial streaming sites, YouTube Partner Program, links to Paid Patreon Subscription, and paid content from third parties. The IMLC's commercial music licensing prices reflect the growing need for music for these projects.


When purchasing an IMLC Membership, it is very important to check whether or not your use is considered commercial under the IMLC's terms. Please consult our blog piece on commercial content or contact us directly to check whether or not your use is commercial.

Do your licenses cover use on my YouTube videos?

Yes, absolutely! We provide lots of licenses for YouTube content. The Silver license for single tracks will cover both Web and Commercial uses (inc. partner program monetization).


If you are a YouTube partner and wish to have access to the entire IMLC Library, you will need to purchase an Advanced Membership to clear commercial use. This also applies to videos or channels that would be classed as commercial under IMLC's terms (please consult our blog piece on commercial content or contact us directly to check whether or not your use is commercial).

Is the IMLC Library Royalty Free?

Yes all music on the IMLC site is royalty free!


Not sure what royalty free really is? We've got all the answers for you on this popular blog post!

What does buying a commercial music license from the IMLC allow me to do?

Purchasing a one off £40 license allows use of the chosen track in all commercial and derivative projects in perpetuity (forever) royalty free.


A Membership license allows use of as many tracks from the IMLC Library in as many projects as needed for the Membership year.


The IMLC's commercial royalty free music licensing prices are designed to provide maximum value for licensees.

Does the membership need to be maintained to keep my projects legal?

Absolutely not! All projects made within the year are cleared for worldwide use in perpetuity.

What format do the tracks come in?

All tracks on this site are provided in high res mp3 format.

Can I sell a project on?

Yes, once a track is licensed from us and included in your project you are free to sell your project on. However a license to use a track cannot be passed or sold from one licensee to another.

Do you provide extra assistance in the form of stems, edits or commissioned tracks?

Yes we are sometimes able to provide extra assistance. Please contact the required artist directly. All of our artists' websites and services are linked on our artists' page.

I've become a member! What happens now?

Once a Library Membership has been purchased, the licensee will be able to add any tracks to their cart and checkout free of charge. Once these tracks have been assigned, the licensee will have access to downloads and license information in the My Account section of the site.

Who do I attribute in my projects?

Please attribute the artist and the website in all projects.

I've had a copyright issue with a track from the IMLC, what should I do?

We take copyright issues very seriously. Conflicts can arise from our music being stolen and copyrighted by others. In the rare case of an issue arising from use of one of our tracks, please visit our Copyright Claims page for detailed instructions on how to proceed. Most claims can be resolved successfully.

We're an educational/charitable/non-profit organisation and have no budget for a one off track use fee. What are our options?

As an organisation run by the artists themselves, we will always be open to communication. Our commercial music licensing prices can be negotiated in the case of charitable and educational work. Get in touch to see what our artists can offer your project. 

Who needs a Gold license?

Our Gold license is required to clear IMLC tracks for projects destined for national TV, major streaming networks, or major release films or computer games. Simply add the license to the cart alongside your track(s) of choice.

As an independent filmmaker hoping to get my film onto a major network, which license do I need?

If your project is not yet signed to a major network then our Advanced membership or single track Silver perpetual license covers your use. Should your project get signed then you would have to upgrade your license to either a Gold membership or a single track Gold perpetual license. This can be easily done on our site.

What does a Gold membership enable my organisation to do?

Our Gold membership enables our members full access and use of the entire IMLC Library for a year, for all commercial projects worldwide, destined for either the Web, major games or major broadcasting services and stations. It is our most open license allowing the most uses of IMLC music.