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The IMLC is an independent music licensing website where you can buy royalty free music for commercial use on video, media and podcasts at low prices, direct from the artists

High quality Royalty Free music licensing library for commercial use at unbeatable prices

As a small community of independent Creative Commons music creators, we take pride in offering a level of quality, integrity and transparency you won’t find elsewhere. Our artists consider the act of providing high quality Royalty Free music licensing for video, media, and podcasts a full time job, making new music for commercial use every day.

Best Royalty Free Tracks from the IMLC Library

Vintage Beat, ,
Where The Sun Set, , ,
Young and Free, , , ,
Lasting Memories, , , , , , ,
Acoustic Fingerpicking 6, , ,
Platonic Idealism, , , ,
Watching the Stars, , , ,
Copper Coins, , , , , , , ,
Sensual Folk, , , , , , , ,
Hot Box,

Exclusive Offers From the IMLC

What makes the IMLC unique?

Licensing the best royalty free background music for commercial use has never been easier or more affordable

Dealing directly with independent royalty free music creators offers many advantages over going through the traditional routes. By avoiding middleman fees, you’ll save a fortune on project costs, and will find you have greater opportunity to negotiate needs and budget direct with the creator(s). Meet our founders, One Man Book and Ketsa, to find out how the IMLC is able to offer the best royalty free music licensing!

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Are you a content creator looking for high quality music for commercial use? Check out our diverse list of high-quality independent artists and make direct contact to browse their catalogue and discuss a commercial music license for your project. Dealing 100% with the artist ensures complete transparency in the music licensing process.

Are you in need of songs in multiple moods or genres? The artists on our versatile list have curated a number of exquisite mood and genre based license packs that are ready to use for the perfect project(s). For a one-off payment, these 10 track collections can be purchased for use in perpetuity.

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The prolific independent royalty free music creators on our small artist list have been creating the best royalty free music for commercial licensing for years, with placements amongst them ranging from national TV adverts to podcasts, documentaries and many more. For the first time all of these tracks are being made available via the IMLC Library. Sign-up today for unlimited access.

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