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Part 4 of our EMPOWERED INDEPENDENTS vlog here at the

IMLC Co-Founder Ketsa has a chat with successful Royalty Free music producer Scott Holmes. We talk how Scott managed to build a career from his music whilst remaining independent and empowered! Amazing information for anyone wanting to build a career from music.

Intro Music – Triumphant Dub / Shaolin Dub

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Independent, london-based producer and IMLC co-founder Ketsa is a giant of the Creative Commons music scene. His music has been used for a Volvo TV advert, and promotional campaigns by Greenpeace, Audi, Riachuelo, Grance Ormonde and films by the National Geographic, The UN, The Atlantic, Forbes and many many more. As head of Artist Services at the IMLC, Ketsa is fully committed to educating creators on the benefits of royalty free music licensing with his Empowered Independents YouTube series.

Empowered Independents

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